AIRE software integrates all of your business systems into one easy to use solution. AIRE comes complete with every module and function included, so you only need to enter data once and the entire suite knows about it.

AIRE can:
– Reduce and manage your operating costs and improve efficiency
– Give you better visibility of transactions across the enterprise
– Help you make better business decisions based on current information
– Streamline your product delivery
– Enable you to satisfy your customer demands


We create a new experience

Your Core business functions, including production, sales, purchasing, accounting, distribution, Point of Sale, supply chain and human resources are all limited by your capacity to cross reference information from diverse systems. AIRE is an integrated system eliminating the need for separate applications for:

– Financial Management
– Human Resource Management
– Inventory Management
– Supply Chain Management
– Customer Relationship Management
– Asset Management
– Sales Force Management
– Warehouse Management
– Point of Sale Systems
– Manufacturing Scheduling

Systems need to grow and change with your business and AIRE has the flexibility to do this. If you are duplicating your effort and trying to manage information from multiple applications, you need to look no further than AIRE for a complete solution.









Electronic approval

Electronic approval of any document and with the number of levels you want.

Case management module

Tool that includes claims, complaints, failures, support, among others.

Distribution by cost centers

Control of activities and costs, including personnel, stabilization of social benefit values and employee benefits.

Self-management of human resources

All employees can self-manage internal services.


Automated assistance control

Attendance control using biometric devices, card and approach cards.

Not necessary to install apps

The system can be deployed in any browser and in any operating system.

Modular System

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